T Bear - Celebrate

I love free shit so i thought id share some free shit with you - here's a track from my forthcoming FREE mixtape, available in febuary. This track is with T Bear (pictured above - hold tight little blu bear!) and all you lovely people can hear it here first! 

Also look out for T Bears new mixtape 'Beast From The East' coming in the '08, its something like a lesson in how to rap for a lot of these guys! 

more tracks with T.B soon come! Let me know what you think. 

Teef - Starter Pack

download the teef starter pack with production from myself and liquid straight talk from man like teef. just click the image! 

or alternatively sit here and listen to the track!



merry christmas y'all
two thou and ate (turkey) we take the game for ransom!
love philla phoenix and rasclart & sons LTD.


Verb T - Verbs With A Vengeance LP

For all you people wanting to hear more Jon Phonics/Ill Rhythmikz productions, or if you just tryna hear some dope Hip-Hop. Then I suggest you go cop the limited edition, exclusive to Suspect Packages, Verb T - 'Verbs With A Vengeance' LP, available only at 

Also features production from Chemo, DJ IQ and Verb T Himself, with appearances from Kashmere the Iguana Man, Asaviour and more. 

At only £6.99 y'all need to cop that now, sell it in 20 years, put your kids through uni.




Check out the new interview with me at 

and if you fancy having a listen to Zebra Traffic Head Honcho Tom Simpson's radio show 'The Dugout' you can hear an exclusive track with myself and YNR's Sir Smurf Lil'. Link below...

Giving it a whirl

what up beautiful people, i thought i would give this blog thing a go. i will be using this page to post any new music i am working on, video's i like, videos i'm in, and most importantly stuff i'm thinking about. please feel free to comment if you are out there. 

take care now