What's In Store

It's 2008 Bitches, 
And I know what you all asking, 'where can I check for more Jon Phonics beats?'

So i'mma tell you...

First of all keep your eyes peeled for the new M9 '144,000 mixtape'. A follow up to his 'High Fidelity' debut last year. I think its fair to say magazines an bloggers alike went nuts for 'High Fidelity' (check some of the reviews) and they can all expect nothing but Hip Hop the way it's supposed to sound, from this release. With guest spots from some of the UK's best MC's in the form of Triple Darkness, and affiliates, Nine Planets. Wu-Tangs Bronze Nazareth, Njeri Earth, production from myself and Beat Butcha and artwork from the spray can beast they call CLART, this shits gonna be a necessity for any self respecting hip hop fan

and that's not all!...

This year also sees the release of Mr Drastick's 'Gladiator's Anthem' album, after a big year in 2007 releasing mixtapes and recording, the product is finally complete. Featuring a healthy dose of Jon Phonics/Ill Rhythmikz production, (alongside Halal Beat specialists Chemo and Beat Butcha) and guest spots from pretty much any one who counts, the album looks set to be a BIG one, and do alot not just for Mr Drastick, but for UK Hip Hop.  

On top of those two pressure cookers, later on in the year see's the release of a new Sir Smurf Lil' mixtape from YNR, Verb T's follow up to last years solo debut 'Verbs With A Vengeance' LP (believe me - it's sounding big y'all!), an album from a new artist called Kinetik, produced entirely by myself and JJ Malone, and of course my very own Free Download Mixtape, featuring exclusive tracks with all of the above....and more! 

Blimey, that looks tatsier than a weatherspoons beer and a burger. Until next time, here's a little video so you remember what this shits supposed to sound like. We don't wanna give you a culture shock or anything.

One love ppl. 

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