In from the cold..

Whats good people, it's been a hot minute since i updated this spot right here, but a few people been hittin me up asking me where i'm at (you know who you are!...) so here goes....an update!!

First off, myself and m9ine where out in New York City last month for a little while. Lots of drinks were drunk and records bought so expect some new heat coming to a stereo coming near you real soon! Shouts to everyone who showed us love out there, and extra props go to dj j ronin, the guys at the halftime show and the heads at eow for puttin us on and showing mad love. Look out for a few collabos with our cousins across the pond surfacing sooooon....

Here's a little pic of myself & M9 with sadat x, 5 ft and dj evil dee from black moon, and our man J-ronin. 

Apart from that i've been getting busy with meinen homies over at louisden.com (whattup!) taking part in there beat battle league, a lot of talented producers are involved with this so get over to louisden.com and check out the action. 

And last but not least thanks to everyone who has supported the half past calm download. I have been overwhelmed with the response/feedback and its still a little over my head how far the record reached so big up yourselves. It is truly appreciated and beleive im busy in the lab right now tryna take some big steps so that the next product is 100% sick-a-latte for your ears. 

If anyone is still tryna get their hands on a limited edition hard copy - get over to suspect-packages.com for your copy, only £4.99!!!

And if any one has time to waste check out these various interviews with me and reviews of half past calm.

Alright people! Until next time...
Look after yourselves....


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