Merry Christmas! Beat Snippets & Radio Cypher Video!

What up people?

Happy Holidays, hope you are all well. 

I'm just taking this opportunity to drop a quick update. 

First of all I uploaded some new snippets on myspace of stuff from throughout 2008. 

If you got the time check them out:

Also, i uploaded some footage of Young Roots, M9ine & Cyrus Malachi of Triple Darkness in a cypher over some of my instrumentals on DJ Roast's 'Sunday Roast Show' on Hip Hop Basement, some time in April. 

Shout out to my boy Sonnyjim and his EATGOOD fam, check out his mixtape TRADING STANDARDS, which includes the track 'Dynamite!' featuring Verb-T & Metropolis of Foreign Beggers and produced by myself.

His record is back to back bangers, and it's just his mixtape. So if you don't know get to know! 


Check out this video of him telling the story behind the beat. 

Sonnyjim's mixtape is available now from here,

Alright people, thanks alot, i'll see you in the '09! Take care.

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